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High-quality decorating supplies for properties in Suffolk

Whether you need painting supplies for your home or your business, our expert staff at Newmarket Paint Co are always here to advise and provide you with the best products for your requirements.

Affordable painting supplies

At Newmarket Paint Co, we manufacture our own handmade paint using a selection of carefully chosen pigments, minerals. We provide quality paints for every type of finish and we also have a wide variety of colours to choose from. All our paint are durable, flexible and weather resistant. We produce it in the quantities you require and you will be amazed at our prices. Get in touch with us and we can get you the perfect paint.
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We can customise the 

Our reputation is based on high standards of service, professional over-the-counter advice from trained staff and a large product range for almost every decorating job.

Take a look at the pictures of our projects and supplies

All colours can be customised as per your needs.

We supply for all types of finishing including 

  • Vinyl Silk Emulsion (water based)
  • Vinyl Matt Emulsion (water based)
  • Primer and Undercoat (oil and water based)
  • Gloss Paint (oil based)
  • Masonry Paint (water based)
  • Floor Paint (oil based)
  • Squash Court Paint (oil based)
  • Line Paint for Pitches (water based)
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